Her stockinged feet, a disgrace

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Must be something that can be done but its beyond me. Every V4 figure i apply stockings to looks a baggy saggy mess. Well that exagerates things of course, but they never fit properly, even if i apply the smoothing tool, there is still an element of oversize to stockings. Its noticeable, particularly when shoes are worn. This example is not so bad for shoes but note how baggy the stockings are on the legs.
So how can this basic irritation be rectified, anyone have any answers please?

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    Could you apply the texture from the stockings to the figure's texture using the L.I.E. or is the mapping too dissimilar?

    Of course this wouldn't work on the toe area, but overlaying a texture on the legs would at least make the stockings follow the legs.


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    Which stockings are you using and which program. Give us a little more info and you will get better help.
    I checked my runtime and I have a few pairs of stockings. If I have the same ones you are using, I can do a quick test.

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    I don't know about this particular pair, but many stocking sets are, in my opinion, very sloppily made with large gaps that make no sense. Even the best conforming stockings will have some gap. There are a couple of tricks you can do to avoid or minimize it. You could go old school, and use a second skin, but that isn't always desirable, because you wouldn't have anything bridging the toes, and getting them to look right can be a giant pain. But, there is another trick that you can do in Daz Studio, you can use the scales to shrink the stocking inside the leg, you then turn on mesh smoothing and collision detection will kick it out to the edge of the leg. It's a bit finicky and time consuming to do, but the results can be exceptional. The first person I know of who did it, was Callad.

    She has a tutorial on how to do it on her deviantart page. A disclaimer, she is a pin-up/glamour artist, so there is a lot of nudity in her gallery. Which is why I am not providing a direct link. Her user name there is calladsreality, and in her gallery there is section called Tests and Tuts, in that is an image called Legs Up Close that has directions on how to do this in the description below the image. She uses this process in a lot of her images, and you can see how well it works. I've done it a few times, but I haven't had the time to really experiment with it yet. Good luck!

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    That is such a huge help, at least i am anticipating that it will be. I do thank you very much for giving me the first inforamtion that may lead to a permenent solution to an often ignored problem, thank you so much..

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    davidahr said:
    That is such a huge help, at least i am anticipating that it will be. I do thank you very much for giving me the first inforamtion that may lead to a permenent solution to an often ignored problem, thank you so much..

    No problem, it's something that has frustrated me for a long time, because it looks so obviously wrong, since you have a item of clothing that is supposed to be tight to the skin and then it has that giant "air gap".

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    You could go old school, and use a second skin,

    I just thought of this now, so I've not tested it but you could go the other way.

    Make a skin tone texture for the stockings, then overlay the lace or fishnet or back seams over that in photoshop or gimp.

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    Try adding Sub-D, if using Daz Studio, to the stockings and then try applying the Smoothing and Collison mod. It might be a case of the stocking don't have enough polys for the Smoothing and Collision mod to work properly.

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    Here's applying the stocking texture to feet and legs with Layered Image Editor. (The edges and the toes are weak

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    I have not had much chance to play with DS the past few months, but last night I tried something that seemed to work fairly well. Earlier in this thread, I talked about the way Callad does it. I haven't checked her stuff lately, so I don't know if she has figured out any new techniques, but I think I have a quick and dirty way to do it a bit faster, kind of a lazier version of what she does.. I've only tried it on a few things, but the results were fairly decent. Here's the basic version of what I did.

    1. Select the stockings

    2. Be sure you are on the "Scene" tab.

    3. Use the Edit button and select Apply Push Modifier. This will actually blow it up bigger, but bear with me.

    4. Lower the Push modifier setting to a negative value until most or all of the stocking disappears into the model.

    5. Go back to Edit and Apply Smoothing Modifier, this will add collision detection and smoothing.

    6. Raise the Collision and smoothing interations until it looks good. You may have to crank the collisions up fairly high on some stuff, you can have a little poke-through here and there, but if you play with the sliders enough, you can usually get it to go away. Collision iterations is what seemed to make the most difference, smoothing iterations did less in my test. The Collision interval setting I had mixed results with, so more experimentation is needed for me to say much about that.

    Now, I only tried a handful of items and not every clothing item seemed to react the same way to this, some of the edges didn't go in with the rest of it, but I imagine you could fix that with a D-former, or just use Callad's regular method. This is really just a quicker, not better version of what she does. But, it may give you a decent result faster. I just thought I would throw it out there. Let me know if this is of any help, or if you have discovered a better version. :-)

    I also tried subdividing the stocking to make it smoother, this seemed to help sometimes, but it was the thing I tested the least, so I can't say with any authority that it helps, so, take with a grain of salt.

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