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    It works fine here now too:

    2000 x 750 - 221K
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    Brilliant instructions! Thanks for the tutorial, I just bought Carrara and this gets me off to a great start!

    pscammp said:
    Part 3

    The Sequencer tray has'nt got the little arrow like the properties tray (for some strange
    reason) so un-Docking it is a little different.

    See Pic 6

    In Windows, hold down the CTRL key while clicking & dragging only in the areas shown
    in the pic, so long as your not trying to click on a tab or button for example then dragging
    should cause the sequencer to Un-Dock.

    Once undocked you may find it's hugely wide so shorten it's width by using the little lower
    right bubble - Then move it to your second monitor, move it up to the top and left against
    the properties tray like you did before and then use it's lower right bubble to stretch it out
    across the remainder of your second monitor.

    When happy, close Carrara & reopen, if all looks good then start a new scene or open a
    previous .Car file and you'll see why you'll never want to go back to single screen mode
    ever again - Huge 3D view & the size of space you have got to work in in the sequencer
    is like a dream come true esspecially for animation.

    Added a screen capture of how mine looks when running dual, the rather 'unstraight' red
    line is the divide between the 2 screens :-D

    Good Luck, i hope this helps you get up & running - Please let us know if it works as it
    will be handy for others if they want to go this route.

    Many Regards

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    I had the same pb as SLoTH_XVX and finally manage to do it.

    What really made it work for me was what redhorse said (post #8), i.e, “clicking on the little square icon next to the “X” used to close the app in the upper right corner of the window (not the one that Windows/Mac provides, but the one Carrara provides right below it).”. And, as he said, the other screen MUST be with grey background (right screen in Pic 4 of pscammp's tutorial), showing Carrara has extended its window to this other screen, because you cannot drag anything outside the Carrara borders.

    But there is a subtlety: in the control panel (of windows) / display / screen resolution, the main display must be on the left (no matter if it's #2 and the other #1). Otherwise, I got both screens black when I launch Carrara.

    I noticed too that when in dual screen configuration the main Carrara window is always on the screen #1, no matter if it's the main display or not.

    I've made some additional tests: it works with screens having different resolutions, or one being landscape and the other portrait.

    My configuration: Carrara 8.5 Pro Build 243 – 64b on Windows 8.1 64b. I have 2 monitors (1920 x 1200), both connected on the same video card.

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  • Verrrry interesting...

    Thank you for this discussion; I've three displays, and a surprising amount of software gets confused when asked to 'Go Really Wide' or be dragged to the third screen. Began with Win' 10 not recognising both of my twin graphics cards for more than a few seconds. Solving that just needed the Nvidia 'generic' driver, not the Gigabyte gamer-optimised driver bundled...

    But first, I had to retro-fit the system with a basic 'budget' graphics card to check nothing was broken, re-set the mobo BIOS several times and patiently cull the near-fractal zoo of possible failure modes...


    I'm no artist; I'm re-learning Poser and TurboCAD after a decade out. (My previous CAD-Tower 'crashed & burned' in a storm.) I have several utility programs for format conversions, but even the licensed versions baulk at proprietary formats such as .CAR. So, I'm looking at Carrara 8.5 mostly as a way to get some lovely, lovely, hi-poly architectural .models into portable format, perhaps tweaking them en-route.

    And, yes,the basic C8.5 bundle includes V5/M5, who will be handy...

    Beyond a grumble that the online documentation is fragmented, I'll take my C8.5 spec queries to appropriate thread.

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