Rendering Invisible Objects Cutting out Objects Behind It?

Somehow in a render, playing around with the Shadow Catch Only setting, I've managed to make a figure render as completely invisible, yet everything it overlapped made everything behind it not show when rendering, sort of like a cutout. Alpha channel and all.


For example, if you made a figure holding a weapon to swing around, you could give it a sword one moment and maybe a gun the next, and the hilt and handle of the weapons will be cut out where the fingers of the invisible figure was. This way you could, say if you were designing a 2D game, swap out different rendered animations that'd work for each weapon, while only needing to render the separate figure animation once.


Maybe there's someone out there who knows how to do that? I'd like to reproduce it for other projects, but I can't for the life of me figure out how I made that work...


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