1899 Railway Cottage~ WIP ~ STILL !

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Ye Gods; it's two years since I started this. What an old wrinkly twit am I. Still onwards and upwards, I hopefully will get this finished before I pop my clogs. Especially since I haven't started on the inside as such, which I will not start at least for a month or so as I need to take some internal reference photo's of the real thing. :P

600 x 344 - 70K
600 x 344 - 75K
600 x 344 - 56K
600 x 344 - 60K
600 x 344 - 105K


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    The mind boggles ! Especially since I need to chamfer all these edges . :-/

    600 x 344 - 42K
    600 x 344 - 78K
    600 x 344 - 68K
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    Hey Red - I really admire your persistence. Still at it - great to see you back modelling.:-)

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    Thanks for that Roy, yes, it sure has been a long time since I last did any modeling. :snake:

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    Hey Red - it's 3am here so you must be at 2am - I was at a pretty serious whisky tasting last night and still wide awake - what's your excuse?

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    beautiful work Red-- but then I thought it was pretty good last time before you tore it all up and started over!

    @Roygee -- you mean it's possible to simply *taste* whisky without drinking it all??


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    @hiker_1 - it may be possible for some, but not for me.

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    What! Still at it? :gulp: LOL! Looking good as usual. Keep at it. ;)

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    @ Roygee, my creative juices tend to work better at that time of the day. Plus daughter no 4 and I had been tipping our cups at the local pub 'till quite late, so I never fired the junior beast up 'till after midnight hence the 0200 hrs. :cheese:

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    @ hiker_1 & Gostman,

    Thanks for the nice comments guys. I was hoping to have a bash at rendering the exterior but having deleated various unecessary parts/experiments from the master file I reduced the model down from 250Mb to just 52 Mb. Oh that's much better I thought until I exported as an.obj which after UV'ing expanded back up to 284Mb. Junior beast has only 2 Gb ram and chokes when I try and import the .obj back into my renderering prog'. So I shall up the ram by another Gb if I can find any as it is such an old PC. Other than that I shall have to wait until I can gain access to the beast which has 12 Gb ram so should be alright.

    That said I have broken the model down into its main components and exported as much smaller .obj so I shall try importing various combinations of them and see if I can render something. If only to sort out the various textures prior too rendering the final. I'm usless at texturing and I've never tried compositing so I may learn something new or at worst, confirm that I'm usless. :lol:

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    Well upped the ram by another Gig, which has improved the speed a bit but still insufficient to cope with UV'ing so will have to wait until I gain access to my senior beast with the 12 Gig ram. By the by, I picked up on something mentioned by one of our female members and I've been trying out the demo version of UVLayout. I've been quite impressed so far, not that I know much about UV'ing as I don't really do textures.

    However, what it (UVLayout) has shown me, is that what I thought was a good mesh, wasn't; so I have been slowly rectifying the first part of my grotty model. Heaven knows what will happen when I finally get round to loading in the coach body, I shall be dreading that. :-)

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