Rectifying my mistake - PD is back...

Yep as the thread title says PoserDirect is back and like a puppy it's not just for xmas. 

I won't post a long "why for" here, as that can be read on the sites About page. Suffice to say it's been a really bad year for us and I made a mistake in closing down the site.  It's also something that a lot of you folks miss as well. 

So around 2 weeks ago, I taught myself to code CSS and using a "Back to Basics" approach, rebuilt it from scratch. As well as a new design, with better navigation and usability, the focus is now on freebies and community arts. Which means the store has now been closed. 

Not saying the new site is 100% perfect, there's a few coding Gremlins to catch and some of the newer freebies need to be added. But I hope it's something that you'll be able to enjoy.


  • cherpenbeckcherpenbeck Posts: 1,058

    Great! Love your stuff!

  • Charlie JudgeCharlie Judge Posts: 7,784
    edited December 2018

    Welcome Back. I'm really glad to see PoserDirect back up and running.

    I purchased your $5 store deal you had before you closed. And your new "Support-O-Bundle" also sounds like one of the best bargains in Poserdom. But I am wondering  if there is anything in it that I didn't already get with the deal you had just before closing the store?

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  • mrsparkymrsparky Posts: 238

    charlie - it's the same deal - only difference is what I hope to achive with the 'new' site. This year started cruddy - hadn't really stopped until a few weeks ago - I'd like to end this one with something positive.  

  • yay yes

  • davesodaveso Posts: 2,612

    Welcome back yes

  • kyoto kidkyoto kid Posts: 31,388

    ..welcome back, cool, and thank you. 

    I'll have to see what I lost in the HDD meltdfown I had recently which took with it, all backups of content and freebie installers (I acquired at different sites than here) over the past three and a half years. 

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 30,958

    Ah good,  so now I can replace poor Frosty

  • Welcome back and thank you for all of your hard work! Good one, Cho!

  • ArtAngelArtAngel Posts: 691
    Chohole said:

    Ah good,  so now I can replace poor Frosty

    Perfect! Seldom do I see an image that doesn't need a caption. heart

  • SylvanSylvan Posts: 2,457

    Great to see it back u again! I hope 2019 treats you better <3

  • wizwiz Posts: 952
    Chohole said:

    Ah good,  so now I can replace poor Frosty


    It's "Alas, poor blah blah. I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy."

    One of Bob Dylan's best lines.

  • KeryaKerya Posts: 9,667

    {{{HUGS}}} and best wishes for the next year!!!!!!!!!

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