Carrara Challeng 44 - aids to postwork - Multipass Elements

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Carrara Challenge 44 - Any Element, Not Just the 5th - MultiPass Elements

WIP Thread found here.


Some inspiration

Come and vote

This challenge focuses on Carrara's "multipass renderer."  Carrara can render out additional passes just for specific image elements.  For example, check a box to create a separate render pass just for the shadows, or just for reflective surfaces, or just for diffuse colors, or just for specular highlights, or just for the background, or just for ambient, or just for glowing objects, or just for...   These multipasses can be a great help to postwork in your favorite image editor.

Ancient philosophers believed the Earth was made up of four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Perhaps Carrara is our pass to a 5th Element, a virtual world.  Modern chemists have identified many elements – in fact an entire periodic table of them. Your task is to create an image inspired by an element or elements of a virtual world, or an imaginary world, or even of the real world.. Whether you like your elements bold like ancient fire demons and water nymphs, heroic like comic book Fantastic Four, scifi like LeeLoo Dallas in the 5th Element, morally confused like King Midas's obsession with gold, ethically perplexed like scientists in the 1940s experimenting with atomic bombs, mystically wise like Taoist masters encouraging us to be more like water, or something completely different, we want to see it.


There are two categories of entries.

Category A – use a render pass from Carrara's multipass renderer list in some way, any way. Could be for postwork, but does not have to be.

Category B – use at least one of the following special Carrara drop-down menu elements – Fire, Fog, Cloud, Fountain, Volumetric Cloud, Old Volumetric Cloud, or Ocean Primitive.


4 entries allowed – yes, that is 4. Two in each category.

However, no more than 2 entries may be entered in each category. If an image qualifies for both category A and category B, the artist must select only one category when posting to the entry thread. You may not enter 3 or 4 images in a single category (although 3 or 4 may qualify). You can switch around until the entry thread closes for voting.

For each entry, you must have at least one post in the WIP thread that describes how it qualifies for its category. The focus is on community learning and fun.

You do not have to use the function for the purpose for which it is designed. For example, you could insert the ocean primitive and then change its shader to be a terrain, If you can make a volumetric cloud look like fire, good for you. If you want to render a shadow pass from one test render and then use it as a bump map for an object rather than postwork, it still qualifies as using a multipass.



$60 in Daz Original Items (Credit) – Best Overall Participation (most votes all images combined)

$50 (same) – Artist of Image in Category A with most votes (not combined)

$50 (same) – Artist os Image in Category B with most votes (not combined)

$30 (same) – Honorable Mention – (Artist with most combined votes but does not win above)

Can't win more than one.


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  • Here are the lists of the render passes available in the multipass menu.  I think there are 25 or 26 different passes available to help with your postwork.

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    If you don't want to do a multipass, there is an option to enter without using a multipass.  You can instead use one of the elements from the top menu (fire, fog, clouds, etc.).

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  • Example of a few multipasses from a simple test scene.  I loaded a couple primitives in a scene and applied different shaders to illustrate a few examples of multipass renders.

    Here is the test scene.  See that the sphere has a reflective surface?  

    There is a multipass option to isolate the reflective surfaces.


  • The white stripes on the cone glow and emit a little light.  There are multipasses for the glow channel and for illumination.

    Here is the multipass for the illumination emitted from the cone.

    Here is the multipass that isolates the glowing stripes.



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    Here are two passes that isolate the diffuse color of the objects from the shadows.


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    You can get a free model of a 5th Element multipass, and a free toon alien figure, if you visit the Carrara challenge 44 wip thread.


    Here is a test render (not an entry) of the free stuff, posted by Veronika.


    freebies in 44.JPG
    717 x 866 - 59K
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  • There are roughly two weeks left to get an entry in.

    Folks have come up with some fun and creative approaches to the theme.


    Headwax, the master of Carrara non-photorealistic images, used 

    "...the depth pass with a screen parameeter to get a lighter background, slo coverage pass and toon pass to bring out the lines, I rendered out a few shadows passes with different lights to try and get more definition but it didnt work this time

    post work in fotosketcher and topaz simplify"


  • And UnifiedBrain, the master of getting the most out of older generation figures really stepped up for this book illustration.

    He says

    This is an illustration from a book I am doing.  This particular render gave me a great excuse to use Head Wax's awesome (and free) Storm Creek product (the rain and puddle part).  The morphs are outstanding.  You can make a very fine rain, but I went for one that was thicker and nastier.

    All the figures are M3, and the outfits are from Wild West.  The buildings are various structures in the Old West series.  Vicky's brain is used for the background bluffs.

    Various objects were modified in the modeling room.  Carrara internal processes include Volumetric Clouds, Displacement, GMIC, and Toon 3.

    No postwork.


  • And MDO2010 paid tribute to one of my favorite games in my youth.  He sunk my battleship!

    He explains his approach.

    So here's mine. I may still play with it a bit if time allows.

    "Elements of War (You Sank My Battleship!)"

    I used the Ocean primitive for the water and the Fire primitive plus Primovol Rising Smoke for the burning ship. The board is modeled in Carrara (the peg holes are just a texture made in Photoshop) and the ships are all from the included Carrara content. Lighting is an HDRI and I used the Distance Fog under Atmosphere to fade out the background. I threw the wineglass in just to fill in that big empty spot in the background; it's a spline object I made some time ago for another image and had saved in my object tray.


    In Photoshop I used a combination of the cutout and watercolor filters to get a less photorealistic effect, then used the stamp, cutout,and halftone filters to darken the shadows and add lines. I added a light green solid layer on top of that set to color mode at a low transparency to tone the whole image and then painted additional flame and smoke using some of Ron's brushes on top.

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    And Bunyip, who usualyl thinks outside the box, settled on a stormy sea.

    He explains.

    Having fun using Multi-pass and the elements to come up with a render.
    Different Multi-pass options, was looking for a way to place the rain effect over post-worked lightning.


    And a very different ship and crew from Bunyip.

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    And DesertDude actually took some artwork he did as a kid and is modeling it as a custom character.  Can't wait to see the final.  This is unbelievably creative, IMHO.

    Here is his childhood drawing.

    and then here is his work-in-progress for the model.

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    Still Time to join the fun!

    Deadline January 27th, midnoght Daz time.  (Changed to Monday 1/28 at 8 am Daz Utah Time)
    You can find more great stuff by Stezza, Misty, Shlomi, MAJourney, and others in the WIP thread.


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  • Deadline moved from Sunday (1/27) night Midnight to Monday morning (1/28) at 8am Daz Utah Time.


    While I'm here, I'll share one of my projects.  Not looking for realism.  Wanted some random colors and some grain and stroke texture.  Used the volumetric primitive passes to create overlays for random colors and bump channels.  The wilderness is sometimes called The Elements, and here is the eternal battle between hunter and prey.

  • Great stuff fearless leader! 

  • The entry thread has now been converted to the voting thread.  Anyone with a Daz account can vote.

  • The entry thread has now been converted to the voting thread.  Anyone with a Daz account can vote.

    Voting will close Sunday night after the Superbowl, which will be scheduled by the admin as 9pm Daz Utah time.


  • Still a few days to vote.  Don’t let Diomede-Carrara steal the election with those NC absentee ballots.


  • Last day to vote.  Anyone with a Daz account can vote.

  • Headwax had the most votes, Yay, Headwax!  Well deserved.

    Congratulations to the other winners, Alberto, UnifiedBrain, and Bunyip.

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