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Hi Daz Studio,

I wish to use your models in my computer game.

The models I wish to use is:

Which license do I need to buy in order to use them also does the license only count for one game or several?

Also I must say that your site is rather confusing as it is like moving through a jungle in order to find out what to do in order to be able to use your products in a game production(indie).



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    Details about the Game licenses can be found here

    Please not however that only models that are Daz Originals (ie owned by Daz3d as Vendor) or the two PAs listed, can be used in this fashion.

    You may be able to find out some more information in the Animation Forum

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    So who is the vendor here?

    Published Artist(s):

    DAZ 3D

    Created By:


    Is the one who publish the product or the one who created the product?

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    The Published artist is the one who owns the product, so this counts as a Daz Original. Many Daz Originals are created by others, and then sold outright to Daz3D,

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