Pacific Rockfish

Habe 2014 den Artikel Pacific Rockfish Collection gekauft. Leider kann ich in nicht mehr finden in Daz Programm. Ich bräuchte es dringend für meine Schulaufgabe beim MDA Forum.

Gruß Mani




  • Please use the store link , the Product Library link will nto work for those who do not have the item.

    How did you install? If you used Install Manager it should be in the Content Library unde Poser Formats>My Daz 3D Library>Figures, probably in a folder with a name starting with B9999.

  • NorledoNorledo Posts: 3
    Norledo said:

    TI always install with Install_Managerhank you



  • NorledoNorledo Posts: 3

    Thank you, have inserted it under Poser format, now everything is ok

    Sorry was my mistake

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