Front-Back Slider Issues

Using Gen3 Female model

Suddenly noticed something strange with the Front-Back slider on both left and right collars of model - it used to be there was a limit on how far I could move a shoulder, in order to keep it realistically positioned, but now all of sudden I can position a character's shoulder at extreme angles i.e, I can totally go crazy with the positioning so that the character looks deformed. I could've sworn it didn't used to be like that (the shoulder would Front-Back only so far). Did I inadvertantly untoggle some sort of parameter?




  • You may have selected Edit>Figure>Limits>Limits Off (Rotation), or if it's only those aprticular bones you may somehow have turned off Use Limits in the Parameter Settings - click the gear on the slider to access that dialogue.

  • Thank you very much! I'll check it out!


    Yes, I did as you suggested and the Use Limits box was unchecked. I checked it and saved and now the behavior is as it was! The mystery still remains as to how I could've deactivated that feature (seems one has to deliberately click the gears and uncheck stuff), but anyways things are back in business!

    Thanks a million friend!

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