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I know there are females, but any sexface expressions for males?
Not ridiculous ones either.
And I need one that isn't going to reset the facial feature dials.
or if you could, explain to me how to make better pleasured faces because I'm terrible at it.
i could give examples but i don't know if that's appropriate or allowed. like i have a few cut images that only show from the waist up but i probs can't post them because does that count as censoring? idk.
i'm bad at this.
i've tried putting female sexxface expressions on males and 9/10 it looks really bad and stupid

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    I usually dial them in from scratch without using a preset, simply because all presets I've found it not looking very natural. Than again, I'm sure there is those that find the ones I do not natural as well :)

    As for watching them, take a look at my dA (link in signature). I simply used a few things in the expression part and mixed it with other dials in eyes, mouth, jaw etc :) good luck :)

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