How can I export Bryce textures to be used in Studo 4.10?

The one frustration I have with Daz|Studio are the extremely crappy textures (especially water) as compared with Bryce's MATs (also skies, but that will be dealt with in the following post). I know DAZ has stars in its eyes over being included in Thor, Capt. America, et al., and has effectively kicked Bryce to the curb, but the light and texture manipulation controls give Bryce a vast advantage when it comes to photorealistic imaging. I would like to have Bryce textures to improve the realism of my renders. As you may have guessed, I do nature and outdoor scenes, often involving water, and I can only reflect images on the water in Bryce, and control the degree of translucency (water clarity). I love DA's Palm Island and Polish's Summer Island, but the water looks like green sea ice, with no ripples or reflectivity or refraction like Bryce water. If the Bryce library system could be incorporated into Studio, we could create our own textures and not rely on the mats/shaders provided with any given product. Of course, the plan is to make money, and developers make money by selling additional textures for a product, but there is rarely a choice in water textures and will only work in its own product. iReal'sAnimated Ocean has excellent water textures, but they won't transfer to another surface, such as the Palm Island sea ice-ocean texture, which may be the best DA had to work with in creating a tropical scene, but the flat water makes me wanna grab a pair of ice skates. Is there a way to add textures from other sources and use them in DAZ Studio? Or even textures from other objects within DAZ Studio, like the iReal Ocean textures?


  • well a lot of it is dependent on topography and UV mapping

    certainly there are good iray water shaders, just the default ones are not bad

    but not all look the same on different meshes 

    I have imported the Carrara ocean primitive and some wave morphs into DS and rendered that quite well so I imagine you could do the same with Bryce oceans

    I don't own the ireal ocean but Mec4D has some really lovely water shaders for example 

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    Bryce native mats will not work in DS for the same reason that poser mats don't (and vice versa, DS mats (or shaders) do not work in Poser)  even 3dl shaders have generally to be completely redone to work in Iray.

    Textures (ie ones that rely on an image) can be used,  but will still need a lot of adjustment.   That however does not include the native bryce mats, the ones generated by the DTE.

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