Anyone know where the morphs are for the Wet Hair for V4?

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I picked up the Wet Hair. The product description states that it has 30 morph targets, but I'm not seeing them.

I'm seeing "Inject Morphs" in my library, but loading it while selecting either V4 or the hair does nothing. Nothing shows in the parameters tab, or posing.

I have no way to move the hair and it goes through her collar bone.

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  • scorpioscorpio Posts: 6,548
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    Inject the morphs into the hair and select the 'neck' of the hair the morphs should be there.

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    Sweet. Thanks. You nailed it.

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    With the Gen 4 throwback special a lot of people who haven't used Generation 4 stuff are being introduced to the world of Poser Format content. One thing to keep in mind is that with Poser Format Content like Michael and Victoria 4 and earlier morphs were assigned to part of the skeleton. In order for that morph to show up in the Parameters Pane or the Shaping Pane the joint that the morph is tied to has to be selected. This changed with Genesis where morphs are assigned a morph region. Just something to keep in mind if you are new to Gen 4 content. If you can't find a morph, and you've injected it, try selecting different bones to see if it shows up.

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    Thanks for the tip. That is good to know.

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