Decontamination chamber


Does anyone know where I can find a decontamintation chamber / passageway?

I tried to find one on daz but can't seem to find it at all.

What I mean with a decontamination chamber is a chamber that has two doors that get locked, one of the doors goes to a room that has contaminated stuff, like a virus or something, and the other door goes to the normal places and they would need to be able to be locked, so no normal doors either but either with some electronic doors or bulkhead doors.

I would really appreciate it if somebody can find me one of those.

I will still keep looking myself too but so far I have had no luck with it.


  • Interesting ideea and usually would not be bad with or without suit.

  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 598

    So what makes it different from the airlocks in the store or the rooms you can assemble with the sci-fi construction kit?

  • Pictures always help to show what you're looking for.


  • Pictures always help to show what you're looking for.


    I guess, I am to looking for something somewhat similar ( in layout ) to this Enter the security room (NOV11-2) and use Mira terminal to find out how to get rid of the


    A decontamination room with an observation room next to it with a window, with the other comments posted, specifically from ascania, I was able to find some things that could work as just a decontamination room ( even though at the same time not that much ) but they do not have an observation room with them either, and with those, the room is more .... spacey rather than medical I guess, not sure how to explain it.

  • How about this: ?

  • Stonemason has a product called Containment Zone which might be a fit. Or possibly Stonemason's NWX Section 18 if you want a slightly less dystopian look. There's also the Antfarm's The Fishbowl, a much older (and cheaper) product that might meet your needs.

  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 598

    Heck, the SFKS modules or the Steampunk modules or Vanishing Point's P.I.C.K. or DS.I.C.K. could all do the job.

  • I think this is a good idea you could have a spray comming down on them decontaminating them and the locks could be glowing red or green depending on if doors are open , de contamination is done. could even add a contoll panel that says it's all clear or not ect..

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