Toon Goat

I purchased 3DUnivers Toon Goat yesterday and when I add it to a scene it is gray and when I render it, it is rendering in gray.

Any idea why this is happening?


  • Are you using Iray? It may be that its 3Delight shader is a custom one, which won't translate to Iray - if that is the issue you could try taking the Poser 6 materials as a starting point, if they apply in a useful way.

  • I am using 3Delight to render. It's strange I added the 3Duniverse Toon Rabbit to the scene and it also rendered gray.

  • If you click on the goat (or rabbit) with the Surface Selection tool (Tools menu), then go to the Editor tab of the Surfaces pane (Window>Panes(Tabs)) what does it give as the shader, at top-left of the pane?

  • JonnyRayJonnyRay Posts: 1,114

    I'm not at home to check, but as I recall, some of the older Toon stuff from 3D Universe loads untextured. 3DU created specific material sets for Poser and Daz Studio so I think the model loads without a material selected. You may need to select the goat / rabbit and then choose one of the provided material settings so that you get some textures applied.

    Also, given the Toon Goat product page mentions the materials are .DSA files, it's almost certain that they are 3Delight material settings not Iray; so if you are using Iray to render, you may also want to convert the material to using the Iray Uber shader as the base. If this is something you want to render a lot, I would probably save a Material Preset once you get the goat to render the way you want to see it. :)

  • nDelphinDelphi Posts: 1,749

    The Toon Goat loads with textures for me.

  • After looking around I finally found the Toon Goat textures. Looks better, kinda dark but I was able to fix that by setting the ambieant lighter.

    Thanks all for your help !!

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