Grouping, Hiding, and Smart Content

A little frustrated here. Most of my scenes contain many figures/elements that I hide when they are not within the camera frame in order to reduce the load on my system during rendering. I may be remembering this wrong, but it used to be that when I hid a figure in the scene tab, everything parented to the figure (clothes, hair, etc.) would also be hidden. Now, however, and I'm using G8 figures exclusively at this point, I have to hide all elements separately, which is time consuming. So I have gotten into the habit of creating groups for a one-click hiding solution. Unfortunately, that comes with its own set of frustrations: Smart Content's "Filter by Context" won't work on something included in a group. If, for instance, I want to change a figure's expression, I have to unparent the figure from the group first. 

Unless there's a glaringly obvious "mistake" I'm making, which I'm hoping this post will prompt someone to point out to me. wink

PS: I have a relatively moderate system (64 GB RAM, 2 x GTX 980 ti), but Studio often gets bogged down for me (I've read posts from other users who have similar unsolved slowness issues), which is why I'm complaining about what might seem like a minor thing. Every little improvement in performance makes my life that much easier. 



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    Rob advises me that  your comment  "Smart Content's "Filter by Context" won't work on something included in a group." is not accurate. You need to select a node of the figure instead of the group node itself.

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  • Yep. Glaringly obvious as I suspected, although in my defense, I thought I *had* selected the figure within the group. laughblush

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