characters for V4 won't load right

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I'm using Daz Studio 4. Characters like Aiko 4, Stephanie 4, She-Freak 4 and Girl 4 won't load properly. I only have one version of Victoria 4 installed. I deleted the extra folder that I made by accident. All the characters are installed into the same runtime library as V4 (c:\my daz stuff\generation 4\runtime).

I couldn't find any errors in the error log.

Turning the morph dials doesn't do anything. Any ideas as to what is wrong? Do I need to somehow initialize Victoria 4 by double-clicking an icon that I can't seem to find? Help?

edit: the morph loads, but the eyes aren't in the correct position. let me try loading the figures in Daz Studio 4. I am not using the install Manager.

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    If you're sure you only have one "Runtime:Libraries:!DAZ:Victoria 4" folder, run the DzCreateExPFiles-V4.bat (or .command on Mac), then load a fresh character from the .cr2.

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    thank you! it worked. I used to see an icon on the desktop that was supposed to initialize Victoria 4. I remember double clicking it a few months ago. I guess I lost the icon when Windows XP's file system got corrupted.


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