HeadShop 11 Problems

I bought HeadShop 11.  There is a major bug with the program.  When you generate a new face it loads projected in front of the position of the original face and slightly down.  This causes the face to not fit properly at the neck below the jaw.  It also makes it impossible for mesh eyebrows to fit the head.  They are imbedded inside the face.  This is all caused by the face not fitting properly on the head.  If there is a fix for this I would like to know what it is.


  • We know of the bug. It effects non-smiling faces. We will be releasing a free update as soon as the fix is tested. In the meantime, reducing the morph percentage from 70 to about 30 will cure the issue for non-smiling faces. Open smile faces are fine and don't need a fix.

  • I noticed that the eyes are messed up too.  Eyelashes don't show up and the eyes tend to poke through on the corners when the eyes are closed.  I zoomed way in trying to find the eyelashes and the eyelids were seriously messed up.

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