add new directory for content library

I am an idiot, so please reply in simple, step by step terms. I have researched this for hours. This is what my content library looks like. I am simply trying to map the content library to a directory on my computer, or, if possible, multiple directories.

As you can see, under tips at the bottom, it says "right click on the container and choose" (etc.) If I right click in the middle it gives me an error message and immediately shuts down DAZ Studio. If I right click any where above, no right click menu of any kind appears. In searching for help, it appears my content library should have a section showing at the top that isn't there,

Thanks Jay


daz studio screenshot 2.jpg
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  • All the help files I read say I should have a section like this, or is that not so in version 4.10?

  • post above should have file attached

  • this is error message which causes instant close of Daz Studio when right clicking in middle window above


    DAZStudio.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION in module "D:\Program Files\e frontier\Poser 7\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4\DzCore.dll" at 0033:000000001E9EDFC0, DzAbstractAssetContainer::canModAssets()

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    Why do you have Studio installed under Poser 7?

  • It might help if you would attach a full-size screenshot, my poor old eyes can't read that downsized image.

  • Installed 4.11 beta instead. Everything is there, works fine. Problem solved for now.


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