My first freebie

If you give it a try, let me know if the zip is put togeather right. My runtime looks like a fat ball of christmas tree lights nowadays.


  • lukon100lukon100 Posts: 181

    I tried it. It seems to work just fine.

    Oksana And The Spirit Box 01.jpg
    850 x 826 - 612K
  • Thank you! That made my day

  • odasteinodastein Posts: 136

    That's the second time today that I see a freebie of an object I've never seen in real life. What's a "spirit box"????

  • FirstBastionFirstBastion Posts: 4,354

    Its a ghost/spirit contacting device,  also associated with ghost hunters.


  • Its a device that investigators of haunted houses use to see if any ghosts want to communicate with them.

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