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I was just looking at the forum and came across a link to this free tutorial by Slosh for setting up a Favorites Menu in Daz.  Never thought of using the Custom Actions for that, great idea!  ...it's three years old!  LOL  I wonder how many other old freebies or free tutorials are out there that I missed?

I figured I would post a quick link to that freebie, which is a good one, we may have forgot about!  Maybe it will help new folks coming to Daz, and there are always us older folks losing our minds cheeky 

Slosh's Setting up a Fav Menu  (EDIT: wow...and then adding content buttons to new toolbars, I should've looked into all of this before, would have saved a ton of time!)

...another one of my all-time favorite freebies is HMHM hair and MGHM hair by RedViper (about 6 years old, but still a great hair!  Just position and parent it to your character's head)

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