I heard that the new 4.10 did well with bvh, however, I have found out through my model doing jack all right that it is indeed not the case. I have found this neat site ( ) the newer the model the worse the behavior is. I want it to work with a G3 but it seems like it wishes to be a bit of a pretzel mostly. I am using one of the jump spin kicks G2 does the kick proper but is also a pretzel in some places but easily fixable G3 eventually tries but really barely does much in the way of the kick going over, g8 the same just a different pretzel shape. 

Meh, it is easier with a video here. The kick bvh I used was 90_07. 

Anyways, any good fixes or is this one of those import the turd, and polish it to be less turd?


  • The chnages to BVH affect the way bones are matched between BVH and loaded figure - you don't show what assignments you used, or whether you acceopted the defaults or edited.

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    Hi first DS 4.10 fixed the
    Problem of G3 not accepting BVH files Made with her Own Skeletal rig 
    in apps like Motionbuilder.

    There was a time, many years ago, when most humanoid
     Characters had the same  basic bone hierarchies and would accept moest 
    of the BVH files to  be found online.

    Today however, that is not the case which is why you typically need 
    retargeting software Like Mixamo,motionbuilder etc.

    Thus unless sites like "animstreet" are explicitly promising Compatibilty
    with"Daz  Genesis model  X,Y or Z", 
    I would make no assumptions them being usable ,by default, in Daz studio


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    I tried Mixamo it does not work. So anything else?

     (Unable to map existing skeleton.) 

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    If you can get it to work with genesis or genesis 2, there are scripts around for updating from Genesis 2 to Genesis 3.  This one, for example.  I've had some success with some BVH files working this way.

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    Hi ,Out of sheer curiosity
    I registered an account at "animstreet" and grabbed the
    free file 90_07
    Imported it into Iclone 3Dxchange where it was auto recognized as
    a Maya Human IK rig hierarchy

    I converted it to Imotion and retargeted it to Genesis 3 female in
    iclone 3DX and exported a BVH 
    the BVH looks good in a BVH viewer however I am still running
    Daz studio 4.8 for Technical reasons and cannot provide an accurate test 
    of the new BVH function in DS 4.10.xx.

    I have attached the retargeted Iclone  BVH file if
     you would like to try it in DS 4.10

    The bad news is that if those animstreet free BVH files  are all MAYA HumanIK
     ,you will need either Autodesk Motionbuilder or Reallusion Iclone 3Dxchange pipeline
    to convert them for G3 or above.

    MAYA HIK.jpg
    800 x 431 - 74K
    GENESIS 3 FEMALE SPLIN KICK_animastreet delete
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  • Wolf359,

    Many thanks for converting to G3F much appreciated.



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