Poser 11.1 slow launching

Poser Pro 11.1 Pro 64 bit takes forever to launch. It appears the content libraries which are the issue. Presently I have 6 separate runtime libraries.

However DAZ Studio 4.10 which has the same 6 runtimes plus 44 more (50 in total) does not have this issue and launches quickly. PoserPro 2012 also launches fine.

Google returned a suggestion to change the Poser Pro content view from Tree to Item List Panel, which I did however the time opening remained the same. I was hoping to transition from DAZ to Poser because of Poser's Cartoon and Comic Book render options.

How can I resolve this issue? I did check Smith-Micro for updates to Poser but it appears I am running the latest 11.1. I did install the Poser updates via Smith-Micro Download Manager.

Thanks kindly...


PS: On the weekend I posted this on the Poser forum on Renderosity. But nothing of value was really posted. 



  • I work with Poser since Poser 7. To be honest Poser Pro 11's library is a nightmare. It is sluggish and often non repsonsive if you're working on a scene and the library suddenly decides to "index" something. There is really no satisfying way to work with it - so change it!

    Use the more flexible "external library" feature:

    1. open C:\Users\[YOUR WINDOWS LOGIN]\AppData\Roaming\Poser Pro\11

    2. open poser.ini file in notepad


    3. save and close the file; launch Poser.

    4. in the library tab you will see something like

    "Release URL =";

    5. copy the URL

    6. open your favorite browser, paste the URL, press [ENTER]


    You will be surprised how much better this works with all the functions!

  • kenmokenmo Posts: 892

    Thanks for your comment. I did as you suggested BUT Poser issue still persists. It's quite slow upon inital launch. Again I do not have this issue with Daz Studio 4.10 or Poser Pro 2012. Only Poser Pro 11.1.

  • kenmokenmo Posts: 892

    On another forum someone recommended disabling my network card, which I did and it made no difference.

  • kenmokenmo Posts: 892

    So am I correct to assume I am the only poster on DAZ3D to have this issue with Poser Pro 11.1 ?

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    I'm really sorry your having this problem. I'm not sure what to suggest though. I've several runtimes myself, though they are all comparitively small save for the main one, which is  huge.

    I don't know if there is anything in the general preferences that might be worth looking at. Under Edit>General Preferences and on the Misc. tab - perhaps try unchecking Check for Updates on Launch, maybe even Notifications as well - I seem to recall haveing had some slowdown from that in past verions, which is why I alwasy uncheck them on installation.

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