Fitting Victoria 4 clothes on Genesis 3 Female in Unreal Engine 4?

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I am not sure if this belongs in this forum.  If it doesn’t, please move it to the appropriate forum.

I am wondering if it is possible to fit Victoria 4 clothes onto a Genesis 3 Female figure in Unreal Engine 4?

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    II don't know if UE4 includes something equivalent to Autofit. However you could always do the conversion and save the converted clothes in DS, and then use your converted version in UE4.

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    How do I save the converted clothes in DAZ Studio?  I am not sure if there is a different way of doing this.

  • File>Save As>Support Assets>Figure/Prop Asset. The names you enter in the options dialogue determine the folders used in the /data folder, the content diectory to use is set at the top.

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