Can you share "smart content" over local network?

So, if I host my content on my mac to design scenes and then share that directory with a windows computer for rendering, how to I share the database so that "smart content" will work? I decided to try smart content after discovering that products are being released with DJL files, which don't work if you move stuff around like I have done long before DAZ came up with this approach. 

So far, the windows computer only sees that nothing is installed, even though I just "uninstalled" and "reinstalled" all of my g8 and g3 content within DIM. 

Is there a way to point the windows computer to the mac's postgres installation? Is there a way to have DIM only install metadata (I assume that's how it manages the smart part of the content) if it thinks a given product isn't installed. 

Anyone had any luck with this sort of setup?


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