Postges CMS issue on Studio 4.10 running on Mojave resolution

I have been bitten by the CMS UNAVAILABLE bug on my Mojave installation, but found through some digging a fix - it appears that the new OS is playing permissions games, and here is how to verify that is the problem and fix it.

OSX Mojave, Daz Pro

Clean installs didn't work, but after some digging I found the following:

Go into your user directory, and go into you "Library" folder. (If you do not see it, use the "Go" menu, then Go To Folder" and type ~Library)

Once in your user library, go into "Application Support" then "Daz 3D" then "cms" then "ContentCluster"

Scroll down, you should find a log file called "dblog.txt" This will probably be a really big file from all your attempts, so rename it to "dblogold.txt"

Keep the finder window open where it is, and try to start Daz Studio - it should give you the same warning that you normally get about no CMS.

Accept the dialogue box, then close Daz. There should now be a new copy of dblog.txt in the finder window that you left open -- open that file.

If this is your issue, you should see the following in the log, or something similar:
FATAL:  data directory "/Users/YOURNAME/Library/Application Support/DAZ 3D/cms/ContentCluster" has group or world access
DETAIL:  Permissions should be u=rwx (0700). 

Okay, at this point, it becomes easy to fix! 

Right-click (Or control-click) on the ContentCluster folder, and select "Get Info"

If it isn't already visible, click on the disclosure triangle by "Sharing and Permissions" near the bottom of the Info window to see the user list. Normally, there are multiple entries in this list, which is the problem.

First, click on the lock at the lower right of the window to allow editing of the permissions. (It will ask you for your password)

Then, make sure that your user name (usually has "(me)" after it) is listed and given read & write permissions -- if you are not listed, use the "+" in the bottom left to add yourself, then adjust your permissions using the menu that pops up when you click on the privilege next to your name.

Next, set the "everyone" user to "No Access" if not set already.

Finally, highlight each of the other users or groups in the list, and use the "-" in the bottom left to delete them.

When you are done, the permissions list should look like this:

Name                Privilege
joesmith            Read & Write
everyone          No Access

There should be no other entries!

Now start Daz Studio, and it should have no issues with the CMS. If there is any other problem, it will be explained in the same log file that we started with!

Good luck, and I hope this helps!

MODS: If this meets the tutorial guidelines for fixing issues, please feel free to make this a public help response wherever is most appropriate.


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