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It would be great if in the DAZ Studio Smart Content and Install Tabs users could hide a selection of products

similar as it is possible with DIM.


Purpose of hiding products:

- A core selection of products is installed

- some products show up in "available" for possible use but are not installed to safe disk space and potentially improve DAZ Studio performance

- some products should not appear anymore in any DAZ Studio searches and should remain "hidden"

The more content licenses users have purchased in the past the larger the amount of older generation products becomes they very likely not ever want to use again.
Each time the user browses the uninstalled products in the available category time is also wasted looking at products that are of no interest anymore.

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- 7845 products in the "All" category.
- 1554 products are "installed"
- 6291 are not installed and show in "available"

The user is searching for shirts that are not installed.
He finds some that may be interesting for feature projects but does not yet want to install them and keep them in the "available" category.

Nevertheless, he also finds others that he is certain he will never ever want to use again and wants to hide those products permanently.

The next time the user is searching for shirts he will only find those left in "available" which are not "hidden".

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How could the implementation of "hiding products" with DAZ Connect look like?

- a right click option in product view in the "Smart Content" and "Install Pane"
- a toggle to display hidden products

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Advanced options:
- hidden products are saved on the account level
If the user is using a DAZ Studio version on another device the same products will remain hidden.

- possibility to also hide installed products
when making tutorials only the relevant products are displayed on screenshots
when showing 3rd parties DAZ Studio some products are not displayed (Adult content filter)

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Submitted as follow up in Request #284584

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