Weird behavior when using IRay

Since a few days I can't render in IRay. When I load a scene be it new or old it loads fine in Studio latest version as well as in the Beta Version. When I switch from OpenGL to IRay the scene stays forever in 'Preparing scene' mode and the progress bar keeps cycling. All the same when in OpenGL I try to render directly a scene from OpenGL using the IRay render system the rendering window come up and I have but doesn't render. I'm using a Geforce Titan X 11GB card with latest drivers from NVidia (416.34). 

The only thing that changed is that before this happened I had 2 cards in my system a Geforce GTX970 and my Titan GTX. The GTX970 had a problem and I took it out of my system. Now The Titan X is alone and drives my standard viewport as well as the PhysX engine. That change is probably the culprit but I really can't fathom what I did wrong.

Does someone have an hint? An idea?


  • Have you tried a thorough driver uninstal and reinstall?

  • ErdehelErdehel Posts: 360

    Yep I did.. Didn't change anything. I'm going to uninstall Studio and then reinstall it to see if that changes anything. I doubt it though because I installed the Beta version after my GTX970 had a problem. 

  • ErdehelErdehel Posts: 360

    I found the solution to this problem. Though the Titan X GC was set as my default render hardware, taking out the Geforce GTX970 unselected all hardware in the render settings advanced tab for the NVidia IRay render engine. As a result the Engine had no hardware to render with. That's tricky and is not a normal behavior: At least the CPU hardware should have been selected or a warning could have been given that no hardware was selected.

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