5+ Amazing Benefits of Playing Online Games, According to Scientists

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With the development of gadgets, it's easier to access many kinds of entertainment. Online games can help everyone to relieve stress everywhere and not require a download. In addition, there are various advantages that awesome games bring to us. Let’s check 7 incredibly amazing benefits of free online games right now!


1.    Faster reflexes, better hand-eye coordination 


The interaction between the players and the game also enable flexible hand-eye coordination. 


Recent research shows that when playing games in general, and role-playing games in particular that provide intense actions players can improve their reflexes. Having a handle on these situations requires precision and agility. Moreover, the interaction between the players and the game also enable flexible hand-eye coordination. These positive effects will help you to play outdoor sports or deal with real-life situations more effectively.

A number of professional racers regularly play sports games multiplayer such as racing games online to improve the reflexivity of the bumps and objects that appear suddenly to help them react better when engaging in dangerous races.


2.    Improve critical thinking, planning ability 


Planning the right strategies and leading to final success.


Video games are always challenging requiring the players to take advantage of their own brains. And then, outlining strategies and preparing suitable plans that 'knock down' every difficulty of the game. In fact, this will also assist them in their work, improving thinking skills, planning the right strategies and leading to final success. If you want to find some genres of online games that promise to bring better skills and abilities such as management skills, you should tycoon games right now. These games will throw you into an awesome virtual world with real-life tasks. You can play as a manager or director, and a shop owner to understand all necessary process when operating business. 


3.    To be more impatient, know how to coordinate in teamwork


You will never feel confused and nervous when having to exchange your ideas with strangers and ask for instant help.


Most of the games are not easy to pass all levels with the exception of super simple genres. In the online games, where we can play with friends and even make new ones from the virtual world, the cooperation is always promoted among players to get to the final goal. It’s clear that the ability to work with a group or a team can be enhanced significantly. You will never feel confused and nervous when having to exchange your ideas with strangers and ask for instant help. Discussion and cooperation can solve all the problems and misunderstood issues more quickly.

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Challenging games instill a sense of interest, cause no one to conquer the simple one all the time. This is the reason why game makers gradually switch to create more difficulties. If your team want to become the winner, performing tasks under co-op mode sometimes can’t bring expected result. Therefore, gamers also need to accomplish this task repeatedly, in coordination with different strategies and plans until success. And then, players gradually create perseverance. The accomplishment of a difficult mission in the game can instill a sense of instant satisfaction.


4. Treatment of chronic diseases


This may be hard to believe, but it is true and has been shown University of Utah’s study in 2012 about games’ benefits. Some chronic diseases can be cured by playing games, and children can improve their communication and responsiveness.

Joining games affects the emotional nerves that exist in the child's brain, produces positive emotions and forms a natural body-response mechanism that makes autistic children improve the ability to behave.


5. Play games to relieve pain


One more scientific study recorded the excellent effects of online games. Psychologists at the University of Washington concluded that everyone would not only have popular entertainment but also can be relieved pain, both physically and mentally.

In a hospital, the doctors let wounded soldiers play a game named 'Snow Worlds' to relieve the pain. The game has simple gameplay which opens a virtual world with a lot of snowballs and players’ tasks are to throw the snowballs into cute penguins. With its easy-to-play gameplay, Snow Worlds enables the patient to relieve the pain as a kind of painkillers to recover health.


6. Good for the eyes


The ability to recognize the change in color or nuance


At first glance, 'stick their eyes' on the PC’s screen seems to be unreasonable. Most of us think that our eyesight will deteriorate. However, according to scientific research, this result will be more reliable which demonstrates its benefits with the human eyes clearly.

The ability to recognize the change in color or nuance, also known as contrast sensitivity of the eyes will be improved. Especially for people who regularly play action or shooter games that require continuous monitoring, they will be able to be more alert and aware of the color contrasts that are 58% higher than normal people. 


7. Get a Good Sleep


Nightmares can make people afraid and can cause sleeplessness. But for those who play games, the frequency of their nightmares is less than that of normal people who hardly play the game. We just think that when you play hard and then probably go to bed and sleep immediately, you will do have no opportunity to dream. Just a joke!

Another scientific study from Grant MacEwan University which proves that regular exposure to games will help people to control their dreams, people can do as they are awake.

Gamers tend to be 'sober' in their dreams, knowing that they can control their dreams. People who are used to playing games, are familiar with a virtual world and controlling the characters. A dream is a product that the brain makes, so players can control their dream just like a virtual character in the game world.

Playing is a kind of entertainment of human being because of its uncountable benefits above. Having said that, players should balance between enjoying games and other activities. Let be a wise gamer. The choices are up to you!

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