Face Mocap from iClone into Daz

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Is it possible to record face motion capture in iClone and import into Daz onto a Gen8 character? Either via FBX or possibly using MotionBuilder as an in-between step.

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    Daz studio  has littleto no support for usable FBX import..so ..no.

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    I know I need to manually edit the fbx to get the correct morph names for saving a working shaping preset, as Daz adds naming extensions on export.

    When the file is imported into iClone the morph names are changed. I have a mapping of the morphs being used and the values I just don’t know a way to link the iClone export back to the Daz export. So it can be imported back into Daz. It seems possible in Maya but not a program I know.

    I normally use this type of workflow for body motion capture with motionbuilder. But for face mocap there is much less information around. 

  • Hi Tz2016

    There is actually a way to bring in facial animation via fbx to daz studio.. I have a link to a tutorial here on my vimeo https://vimeo.com/227139373 You have to edit the .duf file saved from the imported fbx file (I do it with mobu, but if iclone exports fbx out, should work too).  Daz studio when exporting an fbx, changes the morph names (adds head__ to the morph name), that is what you have to change in the .duf file when importing back (or whatever name iclone changes it to.. hopefully it keeps part of the original morph name.. I haven't used iclone, so I don't know)

    hope this helps

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    Thanks, Bryan. I've mostly got it working, but yes iClone has changed the morph names so some extra work needed to get it all to reconnected.

    So far some really nice results. 


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