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I have been working with poser8 and trying to get a dark grey skin tone. No matter what I change I cannot get the underlying "human-like" brown tone out. I did not have this problem with P6. I am obviously missing something. Can someone help? I am fairly new at this, so please keep the lingo light if you can! ;)


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    Which model are you using?

    Do you have photo editing software?

    What I would do would be to locate the body or face skin texture that is applied to the model and open it up in Photoshop (other photo editing software is available). Reduce the Saturation and increase the contrast until the desired effect is achieved, then do a "save as" adding 'ALT' to the end of the file name but obviously before the .jpg extension.

    Save it back to the same directory as the original.
    Then back in Poser, go to the 'material tab' and click on the picture in the 'Diffuse Colour' box and replace it with the altered one you've just made.

    Result; exact same skin texture, only what ever colour you made it.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes! Thank you!
    I was able to accomplish the same thing using GIMP. Learning one program is challenging enough. Trying to put Poser, Carrara, and photo software together has been absolutely mind-boggling for me. I really appreciate your help.

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