Has anyone actually "Round-tripped" an FBX file?

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One of the 4.5 release big features is supposed to be importing of fbx files. I cannot get this to work.

Here is my workflow;

1) Shape genesis character
2) Export to fbx - baking all the morphs (I'm only animating bones not blend shapes)
3) Animate fbx file in Motionbuilder 2012

so far so go...

4) Reimport fbx file back into the original DAZ studio file

the result...

A genesis skeleton is imported, fully animated, but the animation is not on the DAZ character - thus rendering it totally useless to my needs.

I tried exporting BVH from MB but DAZ totally messes up the imported bvh file.
I have tried exporting out the newly imported fbx from DAZ as a bvh. This has some success but it still isn't quite right because the feet drift around.

Any hints would be appreciated.


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    In the tradition of answering my own posts here is an update;

    The bvh that I export out of DAZ (using the genesis skeleton previously imported from fbx) is actually correct but when I bring it back into DAZ the animation is not quite right...

    This is because I had left ROTATION LIMITS ON which prevents the rig from performing my animation correctly.

    Once I turned the rotation limits off for the genesis character I was importing the bvh onto the animation worked correctly.


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    Cool, glad to hear it. :)

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