Fairy or Butterfly Antena for any figure

Created in Blender. A simple antena for fairies and the like, possibly a tail too. File contains 1 antena with two .duf files. Size 841kb. 

Not a smart prop. Figure is unparented and will need manual positioning. Use Pelvis for easier positioning.

First proper attempt at such a thing. Possible it didn't weight map properly. (Use SickleYield's tutorial in another thread to re-weight. I can't seem to make weights stick (except in rl, lol) but this time the bones did, so that's a start.)

Free to use. It'd be cool to see what peeps do with it. Here's a silly preview pic (everything but the antena NOT included, but for sale in the store).

Fairy Antenae Single.duf
Fairy Antenae Single.duf.png
91 x 91 - 656B


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