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Hi all, I am just starting out with Hexagon, and I bought the Genesis Starter Kit tutorial. I will probably have lots of questions; here is the first:

When I load the Genesis Template, it shows up plain gray rather than colored like in the video. This makes it hard to see poke through and such. How do I get it to show with color?


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    i bought that same tute in the hopes that he will show how the new triax weighting works...... but i'm still starting at the beginning to see what else i can learn from him....

    Anyway, the reason you don't see the colors on the basic object is that there are no material zones defined.

    Now, since I started at the beginning, I'm only a couple of videos into it, but I'm guessing that somewhere along the way, he will cover that.

    I think i'd just follow the program and see if he does, in fact, cover that. I'm also guessing that he just didn't go back and make a separate object without material zones for the first part of the tute, but that's just a guess...

    anyway, push on ahead, and if he starts to use the zones before telling you how to make them, then post again and I can tell you how.. it's probably best not to try to second guess the tute ....


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    One thing you can do is change the lighting and shading model of the object. Or you could go into the material pane and change the color yourself to something with more contrast.

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