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hello!... I just want to know if I'm the only one, encountering that problem: during week end, I 've ordered three times different items... On each order, there was one or 2 items which were impossible to download... I have try until it was expired, then reset, with the same impossibles downloads... So I've written 3 tickets, one by voucher, to ask daz to solve the problems, but I didn't get any answer... it's really a problem, as I buy these items due to a professional need, and I didn't think it was maybe, or maybe not, available, once paid... It's suspense, ok, but I was just expecting to get what I paid for... or, at least, if getting the items was really impossible, to get any answers... well, I'm not so happy, with that 3 deals...

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    no you are not the only one
    one forum is full of people complaining of problems,(dunno if I can say which one)
    I haven't been to any other forums to check but i suspect there will be similar frustratedposts

    dont worry Daz will fix it up ;)

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    Customer service has been inundated with a slew of tickets, but they are getting through them as fast as they can.

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    just to say that, inundated with problems, ok ok, effectively I did'nt have any answer, nor any help, from daz store, since I post to daz my problems... in my opinion, the store is just unusable, now, until you don't really need what you buy, and don't care to have it!...

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