How do you become a 3D comic book seller?

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I have created many 3D comic books of an adult nature and I'd like to know how to become a seller of this kind of material..

I am a patron of the site but there is no information that I can find on how to sell products there.

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    ever though of your specific question is none anybody else has some helping information on?

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    Dear OP, maybe if you go to the renderotica site and check out the top link section labelled "Help" --> Link removed

    It has a point that deals with "How can I sell my products here?". That ought to answer your question.

    As for the DAZ3D store, you won't be able to sell any adult material here, and promotion of porn is against the forum-TOS, so...

    As for 3D porn, I'd assume that it's not any different than creating any other 3D renderings (outside of you needing the fancy parts with extra functionality), so... What I can say about the image you posted... watch out for too much light and position of light sources (the light is too bright in your render and makes everything look flat), and you also need to keep an eye on poke through (the girl's leg is inside the table - and why is the lady standing on her toes?). If you are using DAZ Studio for rendering, check out the functionality of Deformers, so you can make the guy sitting on the sofa more realistic by denting the sofa.

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    type in

    self publish comicbook

    into google or other search engine. Lots of information available.  Lots of sites that can help to.  Less depending on certain genres. 


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