Issue with Toon Generation for G8M and G8F with long hair

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I do have this issue with Toon Generation2, when I use "fit to" to add long hair (non toon generation hair) on the toon generation the hair does not hang straight but follows the curve of the neck. The only way I can get around this is to not use "fit to" but just manually place/fit it to the head. Any ways of using "fit to" with out it distorting long straight hair? (I hope this makes sense)

The Pictures I have provided are with Toon Generation for G8F the Hair is Abigail Hair also for G8F, The first picture is Before the Fit to option is set, and the second is with the Fit to set to the Toon Generation.

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    Unless the hair is made for the generation you want to use it on, auto-fit is going to cause issues. Among those issues can be the loss of some of the morphs, as well as the hair following the bones of the figure . Parenting the hair to the head of your figure, applying a Smoothing Modifier so you can set the hair to collide with the figure, and using the Translate parameters to move the figure into place generally work fairly well. It's also a lot more work than autofit.

    One exception is hair for G3 on G8 and vice-versa. The G3/G8 models are so close, it is possible to change the Scene Identification first, and the fit the hair to the figure:

    • Select the hair in the scene
    • In the Scene Menu, select Edit -> Scene Identification
    • In the popup dialog, find the ellipsis (…) button to the right of the last drop-down and click on it.
    • In the resulting popup list, find the target identifier.
      • If the hair is for Genesis 3, Male, scroll down and find Genesis 8, Male
      • If the hair is for Genesis 3, Female, scroll down and find Genesis 8, Female
      • If the hair is for Genesis 8, Male, scroll up and find Genesis 3, Male
      • If the hair is for Genesis 8, Female, scroll up and find Genesis 3, Female
    • Select the appropriate identifier and accept the changes.
    • Right-click on the hair in the Scene Tab
    • Select the "Fit-to" menu item
    • In the resulting popup dialog, select the character you want the hair on.

    That will allow the character to wear the hair without the usual auto-fit distortion, and preserve the morphs. (I learned this from Sickleyield thorugh her converting clothing tutorial.)

    I will post when I find the link I have to instructions on parenting hair. It's for older generations, but the principles are the same.

    ETA: Here is the link to the thread with info on getting older hair to work with new figures. Ignore the thread title!

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  • I have added pictures while it is quick and dirty it should show what I mean.

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