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Some of my figures such as clothing and hair do not have the basic 'scale' option attached. It is insanely frusterating because some of my figures need to be scaled smaller or larger and I cannot conform said items because I cannot simply scale them. 

As seen in this example, I wanted to scale down the hair to fit this character (which itself was caled to 90%) but as you can see, the basic option to scale the hair is not there!!! Trying to scale individuale parts of the hair does not work either.

Is there a way to add a 'scale' to the figure?  I mean, why is such a simple much needed 'Scale all' option missing on some  of these figures??! 

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    Some dials can be set to 'hidden' status and some content creators do this with scale dials. You can 'un-hide' them though.

    To the right of the properties & parameters tabs there is a small white arrow pointing to the right.

    Click that for a menu and select 'show hidden parameters' - now all the dials can be seen.

    Hidden Parameters 1.jpg
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