Hiring Daz3d Artist To Create Character Template

Hey there,

I'm new in town ;)

I'm starting with DAZ 3D and the possibilities are totally wow xD

So I made some first models. I have some pictures of different persons where I like to grab the anatomy of it. It's (naturally) very slowly for me as newby.
Does anybody like to help me with that, that I have a template where I can work for the details?

I'm sorry to spam in the commons. I searched already on fiverr but didn't find any DAZ 3D artist there.

best regards



  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 4,163

    Welcome brokenegg!

    The question is what do you want to do, you want to dial the character from one of the existing figures like the base genesis (1,2,3,8) using morph dials and/or spin in the daz orignal figures like Victoria, Michael etc, or do you want to make your own sculpt with some modelling software like Blender Zbrush or the like.

    That adresses different folks.

    As well you need to know that you cant just transfer the dialed in character, you would need to own all used morph dials and figures and on the information can be transferred

    So you might think about learning some more about daz and seeing what you can do yourself?


  • Hey Linwelly,

    thanks for your reply. I'm not sure if I understand everything.

    I thought thats not possible to use a sculpt from zbrush in daz(?) So I created a character with base genesis 3 and a scene from shop and change it with the morph dials.

    So that should be usable to modify for an other daz artist right?

    Yeah I learning daz. I have a specific character that I like to have. So until I have the skills to change it. I like to have an template of it to make the details and so on. Aaaaand while I have so many projects that I'm not able to go into deep in daz I also ask for that help. :)

    thanks Paul

  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 4,163

    If you have the skills you can skult a character for Daz in zbrush, don't ask me for the details, I dont have the skills ;)

    If you want to exchange character information the other one needs to own all of the moprhs,charcters or props (eg hair) involved.  As an example, if you made your templade with g8 male and used let's say Ollie, Michael 8 and some morphs to make the template. Now you want someone else working on that, they would need to own Ollie, Michael8 and the respective morph dials to make the character look like your template and to change it further

    This is as long as you want to keep the figure in 3d. When you want to use only the finished renders, that is a different story.

    I hope this helps for understanding?

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