Importing props with a texture from Blender to Daz?

Can someoen explain as dunbproof as possible how to export a prop from blender to Daz please? Just an example - I want to export just a pillow. Besides just giving it a color I can load as diffuse map some image but I want to be able to use more refined texture. I can UV unwrap the object in blender and then? Exporting the UV layout? So I will have the exported UV layout as PNG image and the texture. How to apply this to the imported in Daz mesh?


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    Assuming Blender 2.79, make sure you have assigned material(s) to your UV-mapped object using whatever image you like.  I called my material 'MonkeyMat' and used the generated UV guide for the image.

    Select just your object and select File->Export->Wavefromt (.obj).  Check the Export Options - the ones in the attached work for me.  Note the scale is 1.

    In DS, choose File->Import, select your exported .obj, and set the import options - see attached.  Note the scale.  One 'metre' in Daz is 100 'metres' in Blender, I have scaled up by 10 only here - you may want to use 10000%.

    You should have a surface for each material now.  Convert them to Iray materials if you want.  You will need to select the image map(s) in the Surfaces tab - I don't know of a way to get DS to load the correct maps into the correct slots, except perhaps for scripting it.  Blender will have created a .mtl file along with the .obj, but DS seems to ignore these even with the 'Read Material Library' option checked on import.

    To export a UV layout as PNG, in Blender's UV/Image editor, select all the verts then choose UVs->Export UV Layout from the menus; set the size and opacity to suit and export.

    Hope that helps.

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    All right, worked out how to get the image map to appear without having to select it manually in DS. 

    Basically, set up your material in Blender using Blender Internal, not Cycles.  The image needs to be assigned to a texture, which in turn belongs to the material.  This will cause the .mtl file to contain a reference to the image file.  Now, when you import in DS, the image will appear in the relevant slot.  Or at least, it will for diffuse, that's all I've tried but I'd assume it will at least work for specular as well.

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  • Thanks. Never worked with Blender Internal but will ask uncle Google, should not be a problem.

  • It isa comlete mess in my head. Blender, Daz, importting from Blender to Daz, importing from Daz to Blender. Now tried to look into blender render, which I never ever used and only know of its existance, and started to get smoke from my ears. I loaded a simple blend file - a tin can - in google drive, done in Cycles. Is it possible please to explain as dumbproof as possible how to export to Daz and how to apply the textures and the UV map please (the can is rather big - I did it a long time ago, so forgot why it is so big; the texture itself should be packed into the blend file but I upload it in the same folder anyway). Of course every other example will do the job - but very very dumbproof please:-)

    Thanks in advance!


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