Trouble Downloading ZIP Files

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Yesterday, I placed an order for several items in the sale. I got a list of items in my available downloads that consisted of both EXE and ZIP. The EXE files downloaded just fine, but the ZIP files will not download at all. It just gives me the following error (see pic). I have tried everything, including resetting my downloads, shutting down anything that could be blocking it, including downloaders, popup blockers, and even my anti-virus software, to no avail. I'm not having problems downloading files (any, including ZIP) anywhere else, just here. I've run out of ideas for things to try and am getting really frustrated.

These are the products that will not download:

Desolation Earth -Nomads for Aiko
Harem Dancer V3
Ravyn for Aiko 3

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    Are these the Mac zip files you are talking about, or the new all in one zips that are appearing for some items.

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    I think they're the new ones.

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    Try changing browsers, use Firefox or Chrome to download them A lot of people are having problems with IE and these sort of files.

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    Downloaded and installed Chrome, and it seems to work just fine. Odd, I guess those ZIPs just don't like Internet Explorer. 8-/

    Well, it worked. Thanks for your help. :-)

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