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Hi, I 'm hoping maybe someone can help me. I'm working on a video for a friend's song, and I need some, hopefully free, content for Victoria 4 and Michael 4.
I need 2 male African American Characters. I have 2 but they're not too attractive. The videos about a love triangle, so I want them to be a little more appealing than the Guys I've found. I already have the Girl.
Also, Hair, It's taking place in New Orleans around the 30's, see pictures here-
I know the hair is much harder to find for free . So if it's at least a low cost item.
I have a dress I'm satisfied with but if anyone knows of any free textures for the "Morphing Fantasy Dress" that might work I'd apprecite it. I need suits for the Men.. or just a vest. I have some pants and a shirt I could use, but if you know of any I'd still like to know, since they're not the best.
Also a Bowler or Fedora hat would be great. Or even a Boater hat.
And lastly any backgrounds that might suggest New Orleans. Doesn't have to be exact. Just trying to get a mood here.

I know it's a lot to ask..and especially for free but I had to try.:)I figure if I can at least get some of it, it would help.

If you don't know of any free content ike this, but do know of some low priced items, please let me know.


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