Clean install, missing Water Materials, and Decorated Pigs

Several months after a machine change, I finally missed Bryce enough to re-install Parallels, Snow Leopard Server and Bryce 7.1.  It all came together well in a single evening, except that the Content install for doesn't seem to have installed any water materials.

Could someone please export the default set of water textures for me and post them here?

Also, a suggestion:  I've been enjoying the Mac 3D Program Cheetah3D for many years now, which has a very rewarding online community, too.  Among my favorite ongoing discussions is a long-running thread called "Decorated Pig", which uses one of the sample scenes included with the application to highlight new, user-created materials they wish to share, along with discussion of how they crafted them.  It's a great resource for users to learn how the fairly complex, node-based texture editor works.  I think this forum could benefit from a formalized materials thread in much the same way - both the simple texture editor and the DTE are pretty tough things to learn on your own.


  • Since it was on a Virtual Machine, I just uninstalled and re-installed.  Now all appears well.  No need for the water textures, but a dedicated Materials thread would still be a nice thing!

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    Hey there,

    You could simply edit your thread title (of this thread...) to something like 'Material Tips and Ideas (and decorated pigs!)' and we'd be off and running.

    Welcome (back) to the Bryce group, kinda quiet lately, but the folks still hanging around here are some of the best, brightest, and most generous anywhere!



    eta: per your other thread comments, it appears you are low on post-count but hardly new to Bryce. Good group in here, I hope you have time and inclination to share your ideas and tricks!

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