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Here are free characters posed atop a photo I took.  I call it "Smite Him! Smite!", paraphrasing a scene from a William Morris novel, The Well at the World's End, Chapter 9. "Post production" was in GIMP, where I tried to get it to like everything was actually there. I don't feel I entirely succeeded. 

Smite him!.jpg
4320 x 3240 - 5M


  • TynkereTynkere Posts: 575

    Have heard of gator wrestling, but dragon wrestling? 

    I have a very dry sense of humor.  Sorry.

    On a more serious note, looks good to me. Like the part where someone's just inside the picture walking down the creekbed. Maybe it's just me, but that adds to it imo.

    best wishes


  • The background looks so real and amazing, and the slight reflection of the foot in the water adds to the realistic effect. Composition is good. My only advice, since we are here to help each other, would be some better texturing like on the pants and boots. But other then that it looks good, and the lighting is fantastic. It blends well with the scene
  • You'd think, with as much time as I spent with this picture, I'd have noticed the stray pedestrian on the edge of the frame! As to texturing, I don't how to control that.

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