Anyone care for a Fantasy-Gothic novel character study?

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Had a fantasy gothic genre novel in the works, and was having fun using DAZ and poser assets to generally lay out what the character looks like, and made a few renders to demonstrate. Hope you like!   (used Briar princess for gen 2 fem as clothing)

Corsa Judeline - sorceress, relict of a lost civilization, power hungry demon worshiper. Behold

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    Looks interesting so far. Are you planning to go for the 3d look for your grafic novel?

  • Wow she is gorgeous and  you've captured the expression perfectly!

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    @ IceDragonArt

    Ah thanks yeah i tried to make sure she had the bulldog face i tend to love in powerful characters

    @   Linwelly

    Well the original idea was to use the 3d art as a companion to a worded novel, mostly

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