How to convert a custom modelled figure to Genesis?

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I searched for this on the new forum (and the old, but that just returns an error).

I need to create a new Genesis shape. I think it'd probably be quicker to just model something from scratch than to try and finagle it with DForms (especially since I'm just using it for sprites in a 2D mobile game). I have the CCT (thanks Daz! :D) but it's just not sinking in how to bring my own figure into Genesis compliance.

Please help.. Any direction would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


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    Hi... so you want to make your own Genesis shape

    Well all Genesis shapes need to be made from the Genesis mesh. If you have Hex, you can use the Hex Bridge from DS, for ZBrush use the GoZ Bridge. If you use another modeller then you will need to export as an .obj file.

    First you will need to set the resolution for Genesis to Base and sub-division to zero and then make sure that the pose is also zeroed.

    After creating your shape morph you would use Morph Loader Pro to bring the morph back into DS to adjust the rigging if needed and set the parameters for the shape and then save as a morph.

    One thing to remember with editing the mesh in your modeler is that you DO NOT want to add or delete any vertices because that will break the morph and you wont be able to import it into DS

    This is just a basic over-view of the process because it would take quite a while to explain it all, but as you go along you can always just ask and I'm sure somebody will guide you though it.

    The link to the old forums is here ->

    And the link to the doc center is here ->

    Hope this helps... :) and just remember to ask if you get stuck ;-)

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    There is also a dsf export/import scripts for blender, link to Rendorsity blender forum.

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