Portrait framing

Quick question for the experts :)

I suck at framing portraits and for all I can do really cool things with faces, I feel like this is always where my pictures fall short. 

The latest picture I'm working on, looks great, skin wise and stuff, but I feel like it just is lacking something!

Anybody got an idea?

1236 x 2000 - 3M
772 x 1250 - 1M
772 x 1250 - 1M


  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 4,159

    First one has the better light settings, the last one has the most to tell, combine the light of the first with the idea of the last and then try to use the rule of thirds (there is the grid in the settings you can use to select the camera angle and frame) and try framing in a way that one eye of your character ends up on one of the upper thirs line crossings. gerarding the zoom I guess going from the lat render you would need to zoom in a bit but not too much.

    As always those are just some ideas which might help, in the end its a lot of trying until there is that moment it just really works.

  • dawnbladedawnblade Posts: 1,006

    Are you kidding me? I think these portraits are great! The only thing I can recommend is softer shadows, particularly on the middle portrait. Assuming you're using Iray and the standard spotlights that come with Daz Studio, you get softer shadows when you change the spotlight's "Light Geometry" setting from point to rectangle, and the height and width to 50+. Larger generally equals softer shadows.

  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 10,816

    Actually I think 3rd is best. Maybe vignette it and soften if a bit in post to make it look more like a real photo. I wouldn't change the lighting on it myself.

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