Hylas' characters - feedback welcome

Hey there! My goal is to create a number of attractive characters - "attractive" as defined by me - of both genders and various ethnicities and body types. Give me some feedback if you feel like it! Constructive critisism is always great. Especially regarding face morphs, but also regarding all other aspects, such as body morph, skin colour, etc. Or you can just say something nice to keep me motivated! :)

I'm currently using just the basic morph products: "G8M head morphs", "G8F head morphs", "G8M body morphs", and "G8F body morphs". I will probably get "200 Plus Head and Face Morphs" at one point, since I'd like to have more options, especially regarding the shape of the eyes. But for now, I want to see how far I can get with the products I have.

Sometimes I use photos of celebrities as a reference, but it's not my goal to create exact lookalikes. I use them more as a visual aid and for inspiration.

I'm not really going for photorealism, but for a slightly cartoony quality.
And no need to comment on the render quality; I'm uploading pretty rudimentary renders to save some time.


Shiro: I was going for "East Asian prince charming". I used pictures of actor Ludi Lin as a reference.

The hair is a freebie and can be found here: https://www.deviantart.com/sedartonfokcaj/art/dante-hair-for-genesis-435979176
The pose can be found here: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/30-mirrored-poses-for-genesis-8-male/77781

shiro 01.png
455 x 500 - 261K
shiro 03.png
455 x 500 - 340K
shiro 04.png
455 x 500 - 170K


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    Kuro: Basically a brawnier, slightly more South-East Asian version of Shiro.

    kuro 01.png
    455 x 500 - 284K
    kuro 02.png
    455 x 500 - 322K
    kuro 04.png
    455 x 500 - 156K
  • Nicely done.  From the front he reminds me strongly of one of my son's friends that he grew up with.  He was a body builder as well.

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    Chris: Classically handsome white guy. Prince charming, bad boy, surfer dude... he could be a lot of things.

    Chris 01.png
    455 x 500 - 365K
    Chris 02.png
    455 x 500 - 358K
    Chris 03.png
    455 x 500 - 170K
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    Mike: "Meathead Jock" type. Basically wanted to give him as big a jaw as possible, without it looking too silly.

    Mike 01.png
    455 x 500 - 283K
    Mike 02.png
    455 x 500 - 305K
    Mike 03.png
    455 x 500 - 119K
  • Welcome to the Art Forum @Hylas!!!

    I think you are off to a great start with your characters!!

    I reall like the last one he has a very nice broad chin for sure but I think you should bring his ears up to match his face sort ta speak, he has amazingly tiny ears for such a brony man.

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    Welcome to the Art Studio!

    Looking good so far smiley

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    Thank you, everybody!

    @Saphirewild: Yeah, I like the ears small and low :) But maybe I overdid it? Did you mean that I should position his ears higher, or make them larger, or both?

    And here's Holt, country boy from one of the southern US states. (I should probably give him a more stocky build, but I'm currently too busy.)


    Holt 01.png
    455 x 500 - 331K
    Holt 02.png
    455 x 500 - 358K
    Holt 03.png
    455 x 500 - 199K
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