Carrara Challenge 42 – PIONEERS – Dedicated to Eric Winemiller - Voting time

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In Carrara forum it's ongoing the Challenge 42

I wish to show some of the works.


Welcome to Pioneers challenge.
This is a Carrara Challenge to Eric Winemiller, founder and owner of Digital Carvers Guild (, a true pioneer of the Carrara plugins.
In his owns words:
DCG, like most plug-in businesses started out as a small single person shop. We released DCG's first commercial product for Ray Dream shortly before Carrara 1 was announced. Over the years we've expanded our product line and the number of developers.
Winemiller E. 2004. Plug-Ins and the SDK. 3DXtract.com2 [may 2004]: 18-19
Many of us have worked with these plugins. Now, as anybody here knows, recently, Eric has generously released DCG plugins as open source, thus all carrarists could make use of theses fantastic tools.
You can develop the theme of the Challenge 42 as your imagination would allow!
  1.  You may enter up to three images. Images must be made for this challenge specifically. Votes will be on a per image basis. Each voter may vote for four images, one vote per image. An artist may only win one prize. Final images must be posted in the Entry thread to be considered. Voting is open to anyone with a DAZ 3D account. 
  2.  You must use at least one of the Digital Carves Guild plugins for Carrara, you can choose which one. 
  3.  Other plugins are allowed. If you do use a plugin, please let us know how you used it in the WIP thread.
  4.  When the entry thread is opened, you must link to at least one of your WIPs from this (WIP) thread in your entry. The WIP should contain your scene set up, or lights, or some other major scene component. 
  5.  Renders and scene set up must be done in Carrara.  The renderer could be the native one or a third part using a Carrara plugin, such as Octane or Lux, in which case a description of the process is required in one of the WIPs.
  6.  Postwork is allowed. If postwork is used, you must post a before and after render, and a description of the postwork that was done in one of your WIPs.
  7.  Pre-made content is allowed. Content should be listed in the entry when the time comes. Links would be great, but not required.
  8.  An artist can only win in one place.  There are four places and an honorable mention. The first place is for the image with more votes, and so on. 
  9.  The winner of the Challenge becomes the next Carrara Challenge host, and sets the rules for the next competition.  But should the winner decline this honor, the 2nd place winner will then get the opportunity to step forward and fill the role.
Important dates:
- WIP thread opens - Aug 24, 2018, 7pm, Mountain Standard Time, US.
- Entry thread opens - Sep 21, 2018, Midnight, Mountain Standard Time, US.
- Entry thread closes, voting begins - Sep 28, 2018, Midnight, Mountain Standard Time, US.
- Voting thread closes - Oct 5, 2018, Midnight, Mountain Standard Time, US.
Daz is generously continuing its sponsorship of the challenges, and we have PA sponsor too.
Daz Sponsored Prizes
1st place: $75.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s).
2nd place: $50.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s).
3rd place: $40.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s).
4th place: $30.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s)
Honorable Mention: One item of the sponsor’s store.
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    Stezza's work

    Stezza said:
    Stezza said:

    We used to go to the drive in and watch Bruce do his stuff... everyone during the intermittance would be jumping around and kung fu fighting... my goodness Carl Douglas was a happy man .. yes

    Thanks Alberto & Headwax, 

    Did some more work on my helicpoter.. added some interior and did retexturing .. that took a while to do!


    Stezza said:

    thanks again head wax, diomede and LightofHeaven

    enjoyed modelling that helicopter, a Bell Jetranger 206... though it has errors in it, it will do for long shots wink

    next thing I did this arvo was to use M4 and get a kind of Dick look alike... and render an earth model I have .. lucky I had some glasses which helps to make M4 look the part lol

    a bit of history - from wikipedia smiley

    In 1982–83 Smith successfully completed the first solo helicopter flight around the world. His flight began in Fort WorthTexas, on 5 August 1982, in a newly purchased Bell Jetranger 206B. On 19 August, the 50th anniversary of James Mollison's solo crossing of the Atlantic, he arrived at Balmoral CastleUnited Kingdom where he met Prince Charles. From there he flew to London, where, later that day, the first stage of his flight ended, after 11,752 km. The second stage of his flight started in London on 13 September, and finished in SydneyAustralia, 3 October 1982, 23,092 km later. On 25 May 1983 the final stage of the flight started. Not being granted permission to land in USSR, he arranged to land on a ship to refuel. His journey ended on 22 July 1983, the 50th anniversary of Wiley Post's solo aeroplane flight around the world on 22 July 1933.

    Used the spin modifier on the rotors for a spin effect & composited the images in PSE for the final image ( unless I change something ) cool


    Stezza said:

    Updated image - 


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    Another work of Stezza:


    Stezza said:

    Composited with postwork in PSE2018

    Sir Douglas Mawson (1882–1958)

    Antarctic achievements
    While undertaking a doctorate at Sydney University, Douglas Mawson joined Ernest Shackleton’s 1907–1909 Nimrod expedition as a geologist, his first Antarctic experience. Along with his mentor Professor T.W. Edgeworth David, Mawson completed the longest Antarctic man-hauling sledge journey of 122 days. Coping with hunger, hidden crevasses, frostbite and exhaustion, they received a hero’s welcome on their return.


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    Diomede's WIP:


    Diomede said:

    Love seeing these tests of the plugins. 

    - You've got a cool planet going with the shoestring shader, @LightofHeaven.

    - And the cobblestones are compelling, @Headwax



    - I made new boots and new pants, but the other parts are taken from older projects.  They are fit together to make a new figure, which I will rig for this challenge (may take an existing skeleton if I find one that approximates the proportions).  The gloves/hands are from a race car driver outfit that I made for G2M, the shirt is from a custom figure that I made for a prior challenge (also a render of a frontier), and the head is an earlier version of my Brash character's head.  I had to do some editing to everything becasue the parts were not from figures of the same size or proportions, but much faster than starting completely from scratch.  I copied and pasted polygons from the head and then edited the results to get the holders for the hairs, beard, and eyebrows.  I really like how these eyebrows turned out.  Still trying to decide if the scene will be summer or winter, which determines whether the coat will be covered in fur, or will have leather tassles.

    - Will review the DCG shader tools again before making a final decision.


    - Screenshot of the various parts that I as Dr. Frankenstein used to assemble the pioneer.

    Test render of the hair pieces used for the hair, beard, and eyebrows.

    Portrait with the organic skin shader that comes with Carrara.


    Diomede said:

    Thanks for the comment, EvilProducer.  Your spaceship is awesome.  One DCG plugin to consider is the shader that makes edges look worn and used.


    Thanks for the mangler tip, Alberto.  Will experiment with that for my fur trapper.  Mangler will greatly improve my trapper if I can master it.

    Here is the next iteration.  Here, I have created a mixer for the facial skn of Michael 6 and Gianni 6.  The mixer uses an operator to be 80% Michael 6 plus 20% times a spot filter.  The remander is Gianni.  I've also added corneas.  To my eye, the faint spots help break up the uniformity of the skin.  

    I've included a half-finished flintlock rifle from the 1700s that I intend to improve.  One glaring ommission is eyelashes.  Need to create some eyelashes.  Another glaring ommission is the fur hat, which will also be useful to hide the seam between the forehead and the scalp.




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    Evilproducer's work:


    Thanks all!

    So, I want to note that I used indirect lighting on the interior ship rendering, but not on the exterior base rendering. I was curious to see the effect that might have on the overall render. I did no adjustments to levels or anything like that, with the exception of reducing the opacity of the lens flare layer from 100% to 62%.

    I rendered three passes of the scene because I was not getting the effects I wanted through the windshield with the aura and lens flares. I rendered a scene with alpha for the flare, the interior with alpha and relfections on the windshield, and then the base layer with the planet, sun and nebula with no alpha. I kept the lighting the same for each render except for the interior lights of the ship in the lens flare and base layer renders. I adjusted the intensity of lens flare down, by reducing the opacity of that layer.

    I'll post information on the plugins I used and how, and also lighting in the next few days. The compositing was pretty easy to get together becasue I basically just layered.

    Top layer:

    Middle layer:

    Base layer:

    Composite with top and middle layers:

    Full composite:



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    UnifiedBrain's work:


    Every now and again Momma would get that look...



    This is a bit of a kitbash.  Characters are both V4.  Wagon is a rendo freebie, and the V4 apron skirt is from sharecg (both very nice).  The V4 adult top is the Courageous tunic, and the child's dress is a modified Valiant Tabbard.  The steer is an amazing freebie I just discovered, but old-timers likely already know it well.  I looked at several muskets, but nothing could touch the one at rendo from dante78 (a terrific artist). 

    Native processes include Carrara Realistic sky, Carrara terrain, Carrara Volumetric clouds, Carrara text, and aura.  I didn't create anything in the modeling room, but I modified virtually everything in the scene there.  GMIC provided the canvas texture, and some contrast.  Also, I applied the fake fresnel (Shader Ops) plugin, but not in a conventional way.  It was used to subtly alter the terrain and the text.  A setting is provided below.

    Almost forgot.  No postwork.  Thanks Carrara!


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    Bunyip's work:


    Bunyip02 said:

    Used M4 in place of Genesis this time around, kaput file was 4.2 gigabytes, new file is 1.37 gigabytes with the scene extras added.


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    This is Headwax's work:


    head wax said:

    Tom Raiders

    Used anything grooves on the walls and columns, used it to make the sand by using a noise shader

    Used The shader Gel in the lights to give the idea of the torch light

    I made the floor 100 percent reflection then rendered with caustics onand reflection off to add a bit more of a glow

    Put a cloud in the middle of the room to add atmopshere yhen added light beam in post

    Feel free to click for big


    Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, night and indoor


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    LightofHeaven's work:


    I had a thought the other day that inspired me ro do this.


    What makes one a pioneer? The dictionary defines "pioneer" as "a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area" and also as "develop or be the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity". So, in a way, I think we are all pioneers,


    You may not bump into some new uncharted land and give it some absurd name like Cappuccino Falls, but there is one "place" only you can explore -- your Self.. You may not invent the first mind-blowing machine or write about a fictional world inhabited by world things like hobbits, elves, cats, clowns, whatever, but there is something you can develop and share with the world -- your way and an infinity of ideas.


    okay, I'll stop rambling. Hope that makes sense and hope this counts.


    WIP. Used StarsBright



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    th3Digit's WIP:


    th3Digit said:

    I am actually thinking of doing something on the lost city of Atlantis 

    with Aliens etc cheeky

    th3Digit said:

    used Inagoni Baker on my shaders so could render in Octane

    blurred the surf in Gimp

    plan to add buidings, construction in progress and space craft etc

    want to use Shantara buildings but are a tad highpoly and easily use all my RAM loading


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    More WIP of th3Digit:

    th3Digit said:

    adding buildings, will add spacecraft, foliage and maybe people


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    Now, until October 7th, is open the thread for voting.

    You are invited to vote.

    Thank you!

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