Installing DS 4 Pro 32 bit version

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Hi all.

I've just downloaded DS 4 Pro - but after I install, it says that it is the Standard Edition (32bit) ..

- and -

Even though I have just grabbed the most recent Auto-Fit, it won't let me enter the Registration Number ... it tells me that the evaluation period has passed.

I have made sure that all previously installed versions of DS were uninstalled ... what have I missed?!?!

Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Are you using the serial number from this post ?

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    I thought pro was 64-bit only ?

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 90,095
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    No, 64 bit is Pro only (or was, before 4.5) but Pro is just Standard with extra features (plugins and shaders) enabled.

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    Thank you for your replies!

    Ah, I didn't know Pro was 64 bit only.
    You're given option to download a 32 bit version when you see your downloadable products ... but maybe that is still just only the Standard Version.

    The Registration Number I have for Auto-Fit is the one allocated to me after I ran it through the Checkout.

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    (Oh ... no the Registration Code I have for DS 4 was the one I had when I originally acquired it ... I have tried the code listed at the abovementioned link, but it hasn't unlocked any of the plugins.)

  • ReDaveReDave Posts: 815
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    DS Pro already has Autofit in it so you don't need to unlock it, just insert the free Pro serial in Help->Register DAZ Studio. You may have to close and reopen DS for the change to take effect.

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    That did the trick - thank you all very much!

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