Remembering 17 years ago on a Tuesday in September

I am not sure where to put it, but even with with Florence coming soon, I sometimes think today about what happened 17 years ago on a Tuesday like this in September.

I was wondering what renders has people done to remember what happened 17 years ago on Tuesday in September. It was a Tuesday back then and now it is a Tuesday.

Do I need to start a new thread to look for items to help me do a render to remember?


  • TigerAnneTigerAnne Posts: 1,102

    What sort of items are you looking for? Models of the Twin Towers as they were? American flags? Flowers and candles? Poses for grieving and rememberance? It would help a lot to know what sorts of ideas you have for your memorial image.

  • The twin towers for one thing.  American flag is good too.  I got the candles but might need the flowers.  Poses would be cool.

  • TigerAnneTigerAnne Posts: 1,102

    Well, finding a free, or even inexpensive, 3d model of WTC was beyond my Google-Fu. Daz doesn't seem to have one, at the moment, and the others were from $$$$$ sites. You probably don't need a model anyway, since the towers would probably work best as a background image. A good photo would probably work. (Maybe looking a bit hazy, since it's memory.)

    Roses and petals are here.

    There are some base poses for Genesis 3 and 8 that might work for depicting grief.

    Good luck with your work!


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